Creating Loyalty Strategies


Loyalty & Incentives for Businesses Large & Small

Our Core Strengths



We have extensive experience when it comes to identifying an opportunity then creating a concept and implementing the solution. We have a very high level of in-house expertise. This has been developed during many years of creation and day-to-day management of loyalty and incentive programmes.

Tailored solutions

We want to make it easier to effectively engage your staff, existing clients and prospective clients with a cost-effective and self-funding programme. Help with Market Entry, increase current market share, retention & acquisition are all aspects we can grow and manage through our programmes’.

Full service options

Whatever your requirement, because we have a large pool of incentive and loyalty programme experts, you’ll be sure to receive the perfect mix to meet your needs. Our solutions are flexible - you only pay for what you need. Why should you have to take unwanted services as part of a bundle?


With the ability to build, strengthen and enhance relationships, loyalty marketing is a vital element in any successful organisation’s sales and marketing mix. With over 30 years’ experience in this sector, we have seen time and time again the keys to a successful programme.


We are fully accountable for all the services we provide as part of any incentive or loyalty programmes we undertake for your company. We’re here to help improve and build your business together, that means an unparalleled service and implementation.

Strategy & planning

Strategy planning is essential to any successful programme. Equally important are the analysis of acquired data and the actions taken to maximise this knowledge. At IML we work with you to tailor a solution based on your data and objectives and analyse throughout the programmes’ lifetime.